Stainless Steel Back Bar

Jim Stainless Steel Bar Top

Jim Show­ing off Stain­less Steel Bar Top

As many know by now, Jim Boal took over own­er­ship of the Kwazy Wab­bit once again. In the spirit of start­ing anew, Jim is updat­ing (and improv­ing) the joint. From remod­el­ing the base­ment to com­pletely rebuild­ing the bar area to replac­ing the entire ceil­ing and walls the Kwazy Wab­bit is get­ting a new look and a fresh new feel.

The back bar top has been installed which pre­sented a sig­nif­i­cant chal­lenge. The bar top came as one large chunk of stain­less steel as you can see behind him. Get­ting that thing into the bar was an exer­cise in inge­nu­ity, plan­ning, and her­nia pre­ven­tion. It looks worth the effort though, Jim cer­tainly looks ecsta­tic about it.

At the far left, look­ing at the pic­ture, is (in my opin­ion) one of the coolest parts of the new bar. Jim is installing a draft beer dis­penser but not any old plain dis­penser; this thing is sweet. The lines run all the way down to the base­ment where the kegs are stored. The beer when it comes up will be extra cold as a result. Also, it is more space effi­cient. It dis­penses 5 dif­fer­ent types of draft beer…yummmm draft beer.


Stainless Steel Back Bar

Stain­less Steel Back Bar

Here is another shot of the back bar. You will notice that the awe­some draft dis­penser is removed. The dis­pens­ing hoses are run into the wall and down into the base­ment though.








Wall Trim

All the pre­vi­ous pic­tures have been shots of the bar area which is to be expected at this stage of the game. Much of the cur­rent work has gone into the bar area, plus what attracts peo­ple the most? The bar area. On that note, Jim is show­ing off the trim on the far walls near the front door. He installed trim on cor­ners of the walls and around the win­dows which look really nice when con­trasted with the freshly painted walls.

I am not sure what is under­neath the plas­tic in the far cor­ner, a big sur­prise maybe???

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