First look at the new Kwazy Wabbit

Outside Kwazy Wabbit Sign

Out­side Kwazy Wab­bit Sign

As many know by now, Jim Boal took over own­er­ship of the Kwazy Wab­bit once again. In the spirit of start­ing anew, Jim is updat­ing (and improv­ing) the joint. From remod­el­ing the base­ment to com­pletely rebuild­ing the bar area to replac­ing the entire ceil­ing and walls the Kwazy Wab­bit is get­ting a new look and a fresh new feel.

Begin­ning ear­lier this year he pretty much has gut­ted the whole inside and is rebuild­ing the inside by him­self. Con­struc­tion com­mence­ment was kind of unof­fi­cially announced by a prac­ti­cal joke. Rather than fix­ing the sign, the elec­tri­cian turned the sign upside down. Not to be out­done, Jim let it stay that way and pre­tended not to notice. That joke is appar­ently still going on but has come to sig­nify the upheaval going on inside.

It should also be noted that the bar is up for sale. Jim hopes to fix up the bar, get it going well, and then sell it again. Warmer win­ter climes are calling.


Hi Ely

Bar Area with “Hi Ely” on the wall

Here is a first look at the remod­el­ing going on inside. Jim painted the under­side of the ceil­ing above the bar area a nice cherry red which matches the base of the build­ing outside…when it’s not buried in snow. The framed light­ing with soft­en­ing has already been installed which have since been sur­rounded in ceil­ing tile. The whole bar area has been moved to the far cor­ner of the room from the mid­dle of the room where it was before. More room for pool tables! Also, the door­way lead­ing the restrooms has been widened which will help when you have to make that tough walk to the bath­room at 1am.

I know how much peo­ple would love the saws to stay in there, sadly they will not be a part of the bar when it opens.



Kwazy Wabbit Basement

New and Improved Kwazy Wab­bit Basement

Another major ren­o­va­tion Jim under­took was to com­pletely ren­o­vate the dun­geon base­ment. Most peo­ple, when they redo their base­ments they do things like add car­pet­ing or clean and add fur­ni­ture, stuff like that. Jim, tore out all the floor con­crete and com­pletely replaced it all. He then painted it to give it that mar­ble look you can see in the picture.

The walls are all patched up and painted over. Also more light­ing was installed so now the base­ment lights up real nicely.

The base­ment was a mas­sive project, but now it doesn’t resem­ble a scary cave any­more. In fact, it might become some kind of game room *hint hint Jim.

The Kwazy Wab­bit has under­gone major changes within the last year. New owner led to a new look. We all can’t wait to see the new Kwazy Wab­bit once it is com­pleted. You can be cer­tain though, that with Jim run­ning the place again, it will be a bet­ter bar.

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